11 Gifts to help new moms get some much-needed sleep

6. Body wash

Image: Crabtree Evelyn

A shower at night can feel like a real luxury for a new mom, but the La Source relaxing body wash gives her the chance to pamper herself for a few minutes before she slumbers. (Crabtree & Evelyn, $22)

7. Organic pillow

Image: NaturePedic

A new mom’s body is still changing, and that can mean the position she sleeps in is changing since having the baby. This Naturepedic Trio organic pillow allows a new mom to adjust the amount of filling to get the perfect amount of support for a restful night. (Naturepedic, $159)

8. BluBlocker Eagle sunglasses

Image: Amazon

After Baby goes to bed may be the only time a new mom gets some quiet time to check email and post photos on Facebook, but that light from her phone or tablet can increase levels of melatonin and make her sleep much less restful. Wearing lenses that block blue light, like these BluBlocker Eagle sunglasses, has been shown to improve sleep quality. (Amazon, $33)

9. Sheets

Image: Brookstone

Hormones can run amok in a new mom’s body, and the changes they can cause in body temperature can wreak havoc on a new mom’s sleep. Breathable and wicking, Brookstone Sheex Performance sheets will keep a new mom from feeling the sweat that has the potential to interrupt her sleep. (Brookstone, $149)

10. Under Bed Night Lights

Image: Hammacher

Waking up in the night for a new mom may happen many times, but it may just be to give baby back a lost pacifier. With Under Bed Night Lights, Mom doesn’t have to turn on the lights — which can mean not waking up fully for Mom and may mean a faster time getting back to sleep. (Hammacher Schlemmer, $80)

11. Linen Spray

Image: Ja Malone

Climbing into a bed with newly cleaned sheets is pure bliss, but a new mom may not be able to wash the sheets as often as she would like. Spraying this Ja Malone London Lino Nel Vento linen spray will be the next best thing and will make sure a new mom isn’t reminded of her laundry pile when she climbs into bed. (Neiman Marcus, $60)


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