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11 Gifts to help new moms get some much-needed sleep

Julie McCaffrey

Most new moms will tell you the one thing at the top of their holiday wish list is something you can’t actually buy for them. Sleep! However, there are some things you can get for any new mom that may actually help her get a little more sleep than she is getting now.

1. Don’t ring the door bell

Image: SaltBoxHouseDesigns

While new moms won’t likely actually sleep when baby sleeps, they do cherish nap time so they can get a break and recharge. Getting some rest during the day so Mom isn’t overly tired will help her sleep better at night. Gift her this: “Please Do Not Ring Doorbell” wood door sign. (Saltbox House Designs, $12)

2. Sleep mask

Image: Nordstrom

Once a new mom puts her head on the pillow, she doesn’t want any distractions until Baby wakes again. Ensure she sees no signs of unnecessary light with this Wildfox “Hibernating” sleep mask. (Nordstrom, $34)

3. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser

Image: Amazon

New moms can have a lot on their minds, and that can mean it can be hard to fall asleep. Using lavender essential oils can help a new mom relax and fall asleep quickly, so try lavender essential oils (Mountain Rose Herbs, $13) with the VicTsing electric aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and cool mist humidifier. (Amazon, $30)

4. Nursing cami

Image: Milk & Baby

Ensuring a new mom is comfortable and feels good in her pajamas can make her night’s sleep much more pleasant. If those pajamas can make nighttime nursing a little more comfortable, that is even better. This Dottie maternity and nursing cami and short set will make sure Mom is just as comfy when she is up feeding as she is when she slides back into bed. (Milk & Baby, $50)

5. Lavender candle

Image: Bliss Home and Design

While a new mom doesn’t have a lot of time for herself, this luxurious chamomile lavender bedroom candle can help her steal a few minutes to relax while she gets ready for bed. This blend of chamomile and lavender will help to relax a new mom — be sure to blow out the candle before climbing into bed! (Bliss Home & Design, $60)

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