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Mark Zuckerberg melts the Internet with adorable photo of baby Maxima

As scary as some may find Mark Zuckerberg, it’s hard not to see him in a whole new, sweeter light now that he’s become a daddy. A photo he posted of him bonding with his new daughter — on Facebook, of course — is beyond adorable.

With the simple caption “full of joy with little Max,” you see him gazing at Maxima with that look parents know so well. It’s full of pure love and amazement that one was able to produce an amazing little human being. Of course, the next moment may be filled with shrill screams, diaper explosions and exhaustion like you’ve never felt, but the love is still there, and it’s sweet to see it captured here.

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Despite the fact that she’s the heir to her daddy’s $46-billion fortune (or whatever is left after he donates most of it), she’s still just a baby, and he’s still just a dad. This photo shows that simply and beautifully.

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The picture already has more than 3 million likes and more than 55,000 comments at this time. The overwhelming majority of comments are effusive with love and support, but like many parents who post on social media, he received some criticism as well. “Put a blanket down on the floor!!!!!!” one commenter wrote. Welcome to Facebook life as a parent, Mr. Zuckerberg.

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