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These girl power baby names mean ‘leader’ … literally

If you’re looking for a strong baby girl name that means “leader,” we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Leadership is a desirable trait in a child, so it’s a great way for you to be inspired as you pore over baby name lists, looking for “the one.” Leadership is always an important quality in a little girl. Whether she grows up to be a political leader, a school teacher, a scientific pioneer or in the first seat of her city’s orchestra, giving her a head start before she makes her first appearance is always a good choice.

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These baby names have many different origins from many different languages, but they all have the same general meaning — leader, chief or ruler can all be used to define them. Some are traditional, others are uncommon and superbly unique.

strong baby girl names
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  • Ailani: A Hawaiian name, this means “high chief.”
  • Alufa: This Hebrew name means “leader.”
  • America: While it sounds patriotic, this name has Old German roots and means “home leader.”
  • Andromeda: This name from Greek mythology means “leader of men.”
  • Deanna: This occupational name means “church leader.”
  • Enrica: With an Old German origin, this name means “ruler of the home.”
  • Fallon: This modern name comes from an Irish surname that means “leader.”
  • Henrietta: This name also means “ruler of the home.” Feminine version of the name Henry.
  • Jocelyn: This name may be related to a Celtic word that means “lord or chief.”
  • Oma: This pretty Arabic name means “leader.”
  • Pandra: Meaning “chief dragon,” this name has Celtic roots.
  • Ricarda: This is a feminine form of Richard, and means “powerful leader.”
  • Valeska: A Slavic name, this means “splendid leader.”
  • Waburga: This interesting German name means “ruler of the fortress.”
  • Yetta: Meaning “home leader,” this has English and German origins.

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If these baby names aren’t your thing, what about naming your little girl after a famous female leader? Some of these women have been powerful leaders of their countries or tribes, and others have been instrumental in forging a path for women in the name of equality and social standing.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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