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Artist involves daughter in creative journey with beautiful results (WATCH)

A Toronto mom has managed to combine her two passions — motherhood and art — and the results are magical.

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Artist Ruth Oosterman made the decision to collaborate with her 3-year-old daughter Eve for a series of artwork entitled Collaborations with my Toddler — and it has entranced the world.

The process is simple. It begins with Oosterman giving her daughter a blank sheet of paper. She then encourages Eve to let her creative juices flow with a black felt-tip pen. Eve designs her mini-masterpiece and her mom proceeds to work over the doodles with watercolours, thereby creating some of the most beautiful mother-daughter artwork we’ve ever seen.

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Oosterman has shared her work on Facebook and her blog The Mischievous Mommy. She also posts beautiful time-lapse videos, which offer a behind-the-scenes view of her creative process with her daughter.

If you’re interested in hanging one of these pieces in your hallway, you’ll be happy to know that Oosterman sells them on her Etsy store, EvesImagination, with all profits “going directly into Eve’s education fund.”

Speaking of their creative process, Oosterman explains on her store page that she takes her daughter’s finished sketches and tries “to imagine what stories and adventures may be found amongst the scribbles, and once I find the magic, I begin painting. I use watercolor [sic] and work quickly, letting my imagination and play take root into the painting rather than taking it to [sic] seriously. This way I can encourage Eve’s contribution without making it too ‘grownup’ or over complicated.”

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We love this idea. What a wonderful way for mums to bond with their young children (even if the results aren’t always quite as magnificent as Eve’s and Ruth’s).

Do you get creative with your toddler? Let us know in the comments below.

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