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Powerful baby boy names that mean ‘leader’

Looking for a strong, inspirational name for your baby boy? Check out these baby boy names that mean “leader.”

Will your baby be a born leader? It’s too soon to tell (even if it feels like he’s about to kick his way out into this world), but it doesn’t hurt to take inspiration for your baby’s name from monikers around the world that mean leader, ruler, chief, captain or head of the household.

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A leader is one who leads, of course, but this can mean many things. Whether they lead a country, an army, an orchestra, a museum tour, a high school classroom or a group of toddlers at playgroup, a child who is a leader may have a bright future ahead of him. Leaders are strong, confident people who can make decisions on their own, but know when to consult others for valuable advice as they move mountains and change the world.

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  • Chamberlain: Meaning “chief officer of the household,” this name has Middle English origins.
  • Conall: A name that may have come from the Gaelic phrase “high and mighty” and been borne by early chieftains of Ireland.
  • Conn: This name has Irish and Gaelic roots and means “chief.”
  • Donovan: This Gaelic name means “dark-haired chieftain.”
  • Duke: A noble title that came from a Latin word meaning “leader.”
  • Durai: This name means “chief or leader” in Tamil.
  • Erhan: This Turkish name means “brave man, leader.”
  • Gael: Possibly a short form of a Breton name meaning “generous leader.”
  • Hank: An Old German name, this means “home leader.”
  • Harold: Of Scandinavian origin, this means “army ruler.”
  • Harry: Also of Old German origin, this too means “home leader.”
  • Henry: Harry and Hank are derivatives of this name, which is why they all mean “home leader.”
  • Idris: A Welsh name, this means “ardent lord.”
  • Janesh: This Hindi name means “leader of the people.”
  • Kimball: Meaning “war leader,” this name has Celtic roots.
  • Kincaid: Another Celtic name, this means “battle leader.”
  • Meyer: This name, originally a surname, means “mayor, leader.”
  • Nagid: A Hebrew name, this means “ruler, leader.”
  • Pryor: Possibly was originally an occupational name meaning “leader of a monastery.”
  • Richard: This Old German name means “powerful leader.”
  • Rory: This name means “famous leader” or “red king.”
  • Sahil: This unique Hindi name means “leader.”
  • Serhan: A Turkish name, this means “head leader.”
  • Sigwald: This handsome name means “victorious leader.”
  • Torin: Meaning “chief,” this name is of Gaelic origin.
  • Varick: This awesome name means “leader who defends.”

You could also name your little one after a famous leader, ruler or captain (real or fictional!).

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