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Kim Kardashian fans aren’t the only ones waiting for a baby name

There’s been a lot of speculation about what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will name their baby boy.

And after Kardashian let her fans know that both she and her new little dude were doing great, everyone waited for the baby name to drop. Well, they’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer, because it looks like Mom and Dad are having a little trouble picking the perfect name for their newborn son.

Lots of fans assumed she’d be going directional again — rumors flew that she would name her baby boy Easton West — but it looks like either the rumors are wrong or she needs a little more time to think. If she is, she’s in good company. Lots of moms take a little time to name their babies, for all kinds of reasons.

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In the United States, some moms wait because they’ve recently moved to the country from a place where waiting to dub your child one thing or other is standard practice. Baby-naming boards and mom communities are full of newcomers wondering how long they have to drop the name bomb.

And then there are international naming traditions to consider. One mom from Iceland wanted to keep up with her own cultural tradition of waiting for a while and announcing the name she chose at her baby’s christening:

“In Iceland it is custom to keep the babies name a secret until the christening and usually people wait some time (usually less then a year) before officially deciding on and announcing a name … but how long can you wait here? I have only read of people waiting a few hours – I was thinking I would like something more along the lines of a week or two …help!”

Here in America, the answer to “how long can I wait to name my baby?” is the same: It depends. It varies from state to state, but typically new parents have five to 10 days to “fill in the blank,” as it were, on their baby’s birth certificate. In California, parents enjoy 30 whole days of naming decision time, after which a placeholder — usually Babygirl or Babyboy Lastname — goes on the record.

So if you’re in Kardashian’s situation, sitting in the delivery room without a name, don’t freak!

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Another great reason to wait? Making sure you pick the perfect name instead of picking something on trend in a spur-of-the-moment, hormone-induced stupor. Multiple surveys have shown that an alarmingly high number of parents regret their baby name choice. One survey revealed that 11 percent of parents have doubts or regrets about the names they chose.

The reason? Well, babies are people. Tiny nonverbal people, but people all the same, whose personalities take awhile to manifest. You may have picked Sophie while you were pregnant, but once your child arrives, it could become clear that you’ve clearly got a Zoe on your hands. It’s just easier to wait a bit to nail down a name until you’ve actually “met” the little person who’ll be answering to it for the rest of their life.

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Kim Kardashian has plenty of time to pick her baby’s name, and she’ll probably take it, if only to focus on recovering after childbirth and enjoying the singular joy of newborn snuggles worry free. Fans will just have to wait a little longer to find out if the rumors about a compass-inspired moniker were true!

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