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Kim Kardashian delivers her baby several weeks early

It’s official! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now parents of two. Kim went into labor early and gave birth to the couple’s second child on Saturday morning.

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Kim wasn’t due for another three weeks, but her new baby boy didn’t seem to care about due dates. The delivery of North West’s baby brother came hours after Kim posted to Instagram that she was ready for her little guy to make his arrival:

The couple then made an official birth announcement, including the news that “mother and son are doing well” on Kim’s website.

Although delivering a baby early can come with risks, it’s good to know everything turned out OK for the West family. And considering Kim’s had a rather difficult pregnancy, seeing the end come three weeks early is no doubt a relief.

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Of course what’s still under wraps is the one thing everyone wants to know: The name of Kanye and Kim’s baby boy! Kim revealed earlier this fall that she was shying away from another direction name, and stuck a pin in the rumors that they’d welcome a boy named South West.

As for her pick? Kim admitted to Ellen Degeneres that she really dug the name Easton, an English name that’s grown in popularity in recent years. Of course that’s still a bit of a direction name, but it’s one with a long history.

Then again, the couple just might surprise us with something totally unique … it wouldn’t be the first time!

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