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How to transition your kid’s bedroom into a tween room

We’ve all been there, that pivotal moment when your child is segueing from one part of childhood into another. First, there was the tiny newborn transitioning from the bassinet within arm’s reach to the crib across the hall. Next came the toddler bed and then the toddler bed to the big kid bed. Each of these phases broke my heart just a little bit.

Now, I am at the threshold of tweendom and this one folks, while slightly breaking my heart, is more likely to break my bank.

There has to be a way to change out all of those fairies, ballerinas and unicorns for more “grown up” décor without completely throwing out every single piece of furniture and blanket you’ve ever bought. That stuff was expensive. So here are a few tips for giving your tween a more “grown-up” room without buying all new.

Ask your tween/teen — especially if they are of the female persuasion

Each child is different, but not every single one cares about the minutia of decorating. Have a talk and find out what your child might like.

Organization is close to sanity

Start by eliminating all the stuff you know is not staying like the Cinderella Lego Blocks. Sure they were adorable at one time, but your 15 year old is not going to be playing with them anytime soon; same goes for all of those board books, lovies and size 4T adorable dresses that have overstayed their welcome. Find them a new home where they can be appropriately loved.

If it doesn’t work, chuck it.

If your tween hates it, get it out of there. Those fairies hanging from the ceiling were darling when she was two, but now she keeps bumping her head into them. Get rid of them — unless she is still way into fairies, then re-purpose them. Just because your kid is big doesn’t mean they’ve outgrown their childhood; each kid is different. Hell, I still love unicorns.

Paint your world beautiful

A can of fresh paint can make a world of difference and can change the entire feel of the room. Believe me, going from ballerina pink to silver can definitely make a tween feel more sophisticated.

Out with the kiddie and in with the teen

In addition to a big kid bed, try big kid bedding — PB Teen has some great patterns and nicer lighting — we opted for modern lamps and lighting, no more pink or Fancy Nancy nightlights. Provide a comfy chair in a well-lit area for reading. It’s not quite the tented reading corner my girls had when they were younger, but it serves the same purpose.

Make it cozy

You’ve changed the bedding and wall colors and moved around some furniture, now throw down a funky area rug to help deaden the sound of all that loud music in your very near future. Wayfair has loads of great patterns in nearly every color your teen could ever want.

Window dressing

Time to pull down those Disney Princess curtains and replace them with room darkening drapes. We’ve actually had these in the girls’ rooms since they were babies to help with nap time, but they are perfect for brooding teens who like to sleep in on weekends.

What’s your favorite tip for transitioning your child’s room into a tween room?

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