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These kids get that there are ‘good Muslims’ — why can’t we?

“The reason for the season.” It’s a phrase you hear a lot around the holidays, but when you consider the “season” is made up of everything from the secular Thanksgiving, to the religious holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas, to the cultural holiday of Kwanzaa and beyond, the reason for the season can be hard to explain, especially to our kids.

But maybe it doesn’t have to be.

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When the #HatchKids sat down to talk holidays recently, one thing was abundantly clear: Holidays are simple for kids. They’re not about toys and presents. They’re not about any one particular religion or culture. They’re really just about fun… and family. Take a look:

Don’t you love the idea of a #NoHateHoliday?

After all, it’s every parent’s wish that their kids have as much love in their lives as possible. The best way to do that? Raise loving kids.

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The best way to do THAT, of course, is to teach our kids from the get-go the value of every person. And what better time to start than during the holiday season? After all:

holidays bring us together
Image: SheKnows

And with a spirit like that, the real spirit of the season comes alive:

Holidays are fantastic
Image: SheKnows

Use our discussion guide as a jumping-off point to get your kids talking about reimagining holidays. You may be surprised by what they say.

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