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6 People new moms should consider adding to their gifting list

Sarah Myers

A new baby brings a lot of new things, including new people! They help you care for the most precious part of your life, your baby, sometimes in surprising ways. It is normal to want to include these important people in your gift-giving mood, but it’s also hard to know where to start. After all, you’ve never thought about this before!

To help you in your search, here are some of the significant people in a new mom’s life who might appreciate a gift this season:

1. Your OB and or/their office staff

This is someone who helped you through the most extraordinary day of your life. In fact, without them, things would look a lot different! While they were doing their job and you certainly did pay them for it, you might still feel like giving them something extra. Good ways to remember them during the holidays include a package of specialty coffees to share or perhaps a letter commending their good work and a photo of your baby.

2. Lactation consultant

An LC can help ease both your worries — “Is my baby eating enough?” — and your pain — “This engorgement is no joke!” Sometimes, you have gone to her desperate for help — and she has been a lifesaver. A special gift for her can include a small basket of wine and cheese or a gift bag with soaps, lotions and essential oils.

3. Pediatrician and/or office staff

You call them in the middle of the night, and they relieve you of your most anxious fears. A nice gift might be a cookie basket for the office to share or an edible fruit arrangement.

4. Librarian or story time reader

They are helping your child socially and mentally — and give you a bit of a break from entertaining the baby! A good idea for them includes a story-related item, like a shirt featuring a special book character or perhaps something you have crafted yourself, such as crocheted fingerless gloves. (Wishful thinking?)

5. Neighbor who helps with odd jobs

You may have never talked to this person before, but suddenly they’re invaluable to you, walking your dog or helping you to and from the car when you have a lot of groceries. Your delicious chocolate chip cookies are a perfect gift for a friendly neighbor or perhaps a store bought treat.

6. Babysitter

They help you go out now and again! Why not return the favor as a gift card to a local restaurant?

This is just a small sampling of people who may help you, but it takes a village to raise a child, and there are surely more. Please let us know other ideas in the comments section!

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