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Reality star Coco Austin reveals painful postpartum confession


Coco and Ice-T announced the birth of their daughter, Chanel, on their social media channels a couple days ago, and while everyone is happy and healthy, she’s come across one stumbling block — sore nipples.

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While Coco explains that her pregnancy, labor and delivery went very well, she’s not too cool with the sore nipples her baby girl has gifted her with during her first few days of life — as nobody really would be.

Their baby is gorgeous, and her parents are certainly over the moon (she’s the third child for Ice-T and the first for Coco), but should this new mama have to grin and bear it as her baby nurses?

Not necessarily. Sore nipples are a common complaint of new breastfeeding mothers. Most newborns have a strong suckling instinct, and when this is put into practice, it can feel like a tiny vacuum is clamped onto your tender nipples.

However, there are a few things you can do to both prevent and treat sore nipples.

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In a guide for the International Breastfeeding Center, nursing expert Jack Newman MD, FRCPC, writes that the best treatment for sore nipples is prevention. A poor latch from the get-go can create ineffective suckling, which in turn can cause more pain. In an ideal world, every new mom would have the benefit of visiting with a lactation consultant shortly after birth, whether this takes place in a hospital, birth center or a mother’s home. Early guidance and help can make a huge difference in a mom’s breastfeeding comfort.

That being said, some transient nipple pain is a thing that moms experience despite proper latch and positioning. After all, going from not breastfeeding at all to breastfeeding around the clock often requires some getting used to. Nipple pain that only lasts 30 seconds or so into the feeding, doesn’t continue thorough the feeding and doesn’t linger after you’re done is probably normal — this adjustment period will typically last for around two weeks or so.

In the meantime, there are a few measures you can take that can help reduce or eliminate discomfort of your new nursing nipples, such as letting your nipples air-dry or using lanolin.

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If discomfort continues, or the pain is more than you can bear, definitely seek out the help of a certified lactation consultant. Most of the time, breastfeeding issues can be dealt with and overcome, so don’t worry that you’re automatically going to have to give up nursing your baby if you don’t want to.

Hopefully Coco will start having a better time nursing her little doll, and maybe she’ll post about their successful breastfeeding relationship when it happens. In the meantime, however, you can follow Baby Chanel on her own Twitter page (yes, really).

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