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Easy DIY Christmas reindeer headband for your baby


A baby’s primary purpose — other than to be the centre of your universe, obviously — is to be dressed up in adorable and hilarious outfits. Nobody looks as cute as Santa, an elf, a snowman or a reindeer than your kid, right?

Which is exactly why you should pull out your sewing machine and make this Christmas reindeer headband. It’s the perfect prop for Christmas photos or to wear on Christmas Day itself — when the family gathers and you want them to acknowledge that you created the cutest being on earth.

It’s super quick and easy to do. Here’s how:

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Christmas reindeer headband

Christmas reindeer headband supplies
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows



1. Cut out templates

cut out and pin templates
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

Print out the paper templates. This size was good for my 1-year-old, but you can reduce or enlarge the template before printing if you want to make the antlers and ears smaller or bigger to better suit your child.

Once printed, cut the templates out and trace the antlers onto fabric (you’ll need four pieces) and the ears onto felt (you’ll need four pieces for the outside ear and two pieces for the inside ear). Cut out all pieces.

2. Sew inside ears

sew the inside of the ear
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

Place the inside of the ear at the bottom-centre of the outside ear and fasten it in place with a pin, interfacing or a tiny bit of hot glue. Then set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch and sew around them.

3. Sew ears and antlers

sew the antlers and ears
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

Place the pretty sides of the fabric and felt (inside ears facing in) together. Sew them together, using a regular straight stitch, and then trim off the seam allowance with pinking shears.

4. Turn inside out

turn inside out
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

Carefully turn the ears and antlers inside out. Use the tip of a pencil or chopstick to get into hard-to-reach spots.

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5. Stuff antlers and ears

stuff antlers and ears
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

Stuff the antlers and ears with batting until they are stiff enough to stand up when you hold them at their base.

6. Attach to headband

attach antlers and ears
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

Using the hot glue gun or interfacing, attach the antlers and ears to the headband, then use the needle and thread to secure them in place. Since my toddler is particularly bent on destruction, I reinforced this further by sticking a piece of scrap fabric from the back of each antler to the front. This is purely optional, though.

7. Tie ribbons (optional)

tie ribbons
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

If you’d like to add a little bit of pizzazz or a pop of colour you can tie ribbon into little craft bows at the base of each antler.

8: Take pictures

take photos
Image: Loralee Pioszak/Loralee Photography

You’re all done! Now it’s time to take Christmas pictures or wow the fam.

photos with ribbon
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows
photos without ribbons
Image: Agnes Stockburger/SheKnows

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