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Gifts New Millennial Moms Actually Want

Are you searching high and low for a kick-ass gift for a new mom? No, not a gift for her wee babe — but her, the glorious mother ship who has carried and birthed a new being all on her own. Babies — and baby gifts — are cute and all, but why not channel your thoughts toward a gift your new-mom friend will know is for her? She did just spend 40-ish weeks carrying around a human in her body, after all.

A blinged-out water bottle

Water bottles
Image: Amazon

New moms need to drink loads of water, especially if they’re nursing. Give your pal a few of these water bottles so she can load them up, keep them nearby and never have to worry about her water becoming lukewarm over the course of a day. (Amazon, $16)

A night light that’s basically installation art

Night light
Image: Amazon

OK, this night light is marketed for babies, but look how cute it is! Your mom friend is going to need some light when she’s up in the middle of the night and trying to keep kiddo as pseudo-sleepy as possible. This birdie light is portable and rechargeable, and it casts a soft, dreamy glow. (Amazon, $25)

The fanciest candle

Image: Anthropologie

There’s a reason candles are so often a go-to gift — especially ones that get great reviews because they last forever and smell great. (Anthropologie, $28)

All the snacks

Naturebox Snacks
Image: Naturebox

Eating may be a challenge when a new mom is trapped under a sleeping newborn. Give her a deliciously loaded snack box that she can keep handy wherever she might be. This variety pack from Naturebox is called the Family Snack Pack, but really, she’ll want it all to herself. (Naturebox, $28)

The coziest blanket

Green blanket
Image: Ikea

New-mom hormones can be pretty wack, taking her from burning hot to ice cold in matter of moments. Give her a quirky throw to keep around the house in case of a sudden plunge in personal temp. We like the gorgeous shade of this knitted option from Ikea. (Ikea, $35)

A non-diaper-bag diaper bag

Diaper bag
Image: Nordstrom

Diaper bags are utilitarian, but they often look like, well, diaper bags. Fortunately, there are tons of totes that serve a diaper bag’s purpose while maintaining an air of “I’m an adult, really.” This selection, found at Nordstrom, is an actual diaper bag (with plenty of room and oodles of pockets), but it doesn’t look like one. (Nordstrom, $75)

A face mask that’s “pregnancy glow” in a bottle

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty
Image: Lush USA

While a mom’s skin may have looked great during pregnancy (or not — one marvel of pregnancy is its fickleness), having a new baby can take a toll on that brightness for sure. Enter the refreshing Mask of Magnaminty from Lush Cosmetics. It’s tingly, minty and refreshing and won’t jack up her skin because it doesn’t contain any harsh, abrasive junk. (Lush, $15)

Vitamins you don’t have to swallow

Vitamin mist spray
Image: Ecco Bella

OK, so maybe you don’t personally have a huge collection of vitamin mist sprays on hand, but for a new mom, this can be a huge pick-me-up during those hazy newborn days. (Ecco Bella, $35)

Not-your-average soap

Image: Amazon

While bathing might be a bit scarce in the early days of parenthood, new moms want those rare showers to be packed with good smells. This soap looks and smells just gorgeous. (Amazon, $7)

Stylish stationery

Thank you cards
Image: Amazon

Yes, people still send (and love to receive) snail mail. And also: New moms get gifts, and she’ll likely want to send out thank-you notes at some point. Make it easier with a sweet gigantic pack of vibrant cards. (Amazon, $12)

A cat-shaped phone stand, of course

Cat phone holder
Image: Amazon

Moms need extra hands, so get a phone holder that’s shaped like a cat. Obviously. (Amazon, $13)

Better than a cardboard box

Image: Target

Whether it’s for laundry, tiny toys or just a place to throw the mess when unexpected visitors show up, get her a basket so she can feel semi-organized. (Target, $15)

The makeup gift that keeps on giving

Makeup subscription box
Image: Birchbox

Subscription boxes are all the rage, and if the mom on your gift list is into beauty products, Birchbox might be right up her alley. Every month, she’ll get five sample-size beauty items, and best of all, it’s not super-expensive. Gift subscriptions start at three months for $30. This is the best tool for tackling a sleep-deprived face — other than, you know, sleeping. (Birchbox, $30 and up)

The necklace that does it all

Nursing necklace
Image: Chewbeads

When a baby is fresh out of the package, they’re often all about the boob or bottle. When they get a little bigger, they start messing around with whatever they can get their hands on during feeding — which can include Mom’s hair, nose, other nipple, etc. This can get super-annoying. Gift a nursing/teething necklace so baby will have something to do other than twiddle. (Chewbeads, $20)

Almost as good as a shower

Dry shampoo
Image: Sephora

No, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend — not now that dry shampoo exists. (Sephora, $22)

A scarf for any outfit

Image: Wild Dill

What better way to hide spit-up stains than a super-cute new scarf? (Wild Dill, $18)

Can you even tell it’s a health tracker?

Image: Bellabeat

Health trackers are super-popular, and even if a mom isn’t doing much moving because she’s, you know, hooked to a baby 24/7, she might find a fancy new health tracker like this little guy from Bellabeat surprisingly helpful (and hey, it tracks sleep too, which she’s totally getting a ton of, right?). The good news is that it comes with both a necklace and a wrist strap, so she’ll have options if her baby winds up being a grabby little jerk. (Bellabeat, $139

Best Gifts for Millennial Moms
Image: Getty Images/Design: Yvonna Groom/SheKnows

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