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15 Gifts for the next generation of inventors

It’s the holiday season! It’s the time when you look forward to the new and the adventurous. The time when you take time to discover new things for yourself. The time when you set off on that epic shopping adventure for everyone on your list, hoping it will be a great delight for you and the recipient alike.

This list will help you pick up gifts specifically for kids that will not only have them screeching with joy, but will also keep the parents super-happy because you have just helped nurture the next maker-inventor generation.

So, here we go!

1. Proto Central, The ARDX maker’s kit for Arduino – v2

Image: Proto Central

Ages: 8+

A new, all-inclusive Arduino Uno R3 kit is an all-out-fun kit for beginners that includes a comprehensive guide for experiments with light, sound, colors, temperature, force and lots more! (Proto Central, $61)

2. LittleBits, the LittleBits base electronics kit

Image: Amazon

Ages: 8+

This base electronics kit makes electronics seem like a cakewalk. The best part is that your kids can go all-out unleashing their creativity with no prior electronics training. There is no soldering, wiring or programming required. The kit comes with a 10 Bit, a step-by-step guidebook, a DC motor, buzzer, dimmer and light sensor and over 150,000 possible circuit combinations. (Amazon, $90)

3. Maker Mom, LED Flower Power party pack

Image: Maker Shed

Ages: 8+

This power pack makes a great gift because you are not only helping kids learn all about LEDs and simple electronics, you are also helping them add to the celebrations by creating their own unique e-felt flowers that can go on the doorway to welcome guests or simply serve to brighten a room. (Maker Shed, $35)

4. Technology Will Save Us, DIY electro dough kit

Image: Maker Shed

Ages: 4+

A great product to get the young minds to start thinking of unconventional uses for everyday stuff. Got salt and dough? Use it to show them how electricity works! These electro dough kits come with all the tools required to bring your Play-Doh sculptures to life with LED eyes and buzzing bodies. (Maker Shed, $25)

5. Makey Makey standard kit

Image: Amazon

Ages: 8+

Want to make music? Just use some bananas! This simple standard kit from Makey Makey turns almost everyday object into a computer key. It’s very aptly called the “Invention Kit for Everyone.” (Amazon, $50)

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