Pregnant Bristol Palin reveals that her unborn baby's already been named

Nov 24, 2015 at 12:15 p.m. ET

Right on the heels of Kristin Cavallari announcing her new baby's name, Bristol Palin quickly announced that she'd picked the same one, but for a very different reason.

Just one hour after Cavallari announced on Instagram that her new bundle of joy had arrived — a little girl named Saylor James — Bristol Palin took to her own Instagram account to vent that the two women had picked identical names for their babies.

Well, almost identical. Palin has chosen to spell her daughter's name "Sailor," as opposed to Cavallari's "Saylor:"


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One thing's for sure: The name choice definitely isn't out of character for Palin, who both comes from a family of uniquely named siblings and is already mother to Tripp, who is now 4 years old. There's something very interesting about Palin family names. Besides grandparents Sarah and Todd, the names of the younger generations of Palins have something in common: Not only are they completely unique, but most of them conjure images of an active, wilderness-focused lifestyle.

With aunts with names like Piper and Willow, little Sailor definitely won't be out of place. Her nautical-themed name makes her right at home in the Palin family, who have relied on everything from nature and Alaskan place names to make sure their children stand out. It's not hard to imagine that she had a little help from her mother to make sure her new baby's name would share the family theme.

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Besides that, it's pretty clear that Palin was never going to consult a long list of generic names as inspiration for her daughter's, especially after giving her son such a standout moniker. Even non-celebrity families tend to stick to a common thread in naming multiple children, and parents who like popular names will choose them for their children, while the parents who love the kinds of names that make you do a double take will choose those.

After all, once you've named one child something like Sage or Jagger, naming baby number two something like Jane or Robert is a little bit tougher. You almost have to give your second child a unique name so that you don't forever field questions on the disparity between the two. You can just imagine that people would draw all kinds of conclusions about your motives. Perhaps it was laziness. Or worse, perhaps you regret giving your first child a unique name, so your second baby is a "do-over."

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Naming your first child is a pretty fraught thing. Anyone who has done it will tell you that you get about five pages into a baby book before realizing that every name that's ever existed already belongs to someone, and usually someone you don't like: a mean gym teacher, your husband's ex-girlfriend or that yappy dog next door.

Naming your second is a little easier, but only because you've already set the pattern; in a lot of ways, that first name will clear a path for whatever your subsequent children will be named.

Whatever her reasons, one thing is clear: Palin's daughter, whenever she makes an appearance, will definitely fit right in with the rest of the Palin clan.