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13 Gifts the single mom in your life actually wants

Cara Lemieux

The holidays are upon us and, if you are anything like me, you are racking your brain to try to find the perfect gift for the special people in your life. Perhaps a single mom is on that list (there are approximately 9 million of us in this country, so there is a good chance there is) and you are trying to figure out exactly what you should get her.

No worries — I’ve got you covered from functional to fabulous because I’m sharing with you every item I’d love to see under my tree, or really anywhere else in my house.

1. Help the kids get her a gift

One of the things that got me down around the holidays was the thought that my daughter wouldn’t get the enjoyment that comes from a little kid picking something out for their mom — because there was no adult to help her do so. Take the kids for a couple hours, help them make a handmade gift for Mom or take them to a store of their choice. Help them wrap it and put it under their bed, so they can give it to her on Christmas morning. It will mean the world to her and them. (price varies)

2. The gift of time

A few hours of free babysitting would be a welcome gift for any single mom. An offer of a sleepover? Priceless. ($0)

3. Offer to cook a home-cooked dinner for Mom and the child(ren) once, or maybe once a month for a few months.

You will relieve her of what is very likely one of the most stressful questions that pop into her head: “What should I make for dinner?” Bonus points if you stay and enjoy dinner with the family and help put the dishes away while she gives the kids a bath before bedtime. (price varies)

4. House cleaning

A co-worker gave this gift to me after I had my daughter, and I could not have been more appreciative. Although it is not sexy, I promise many single parents would love an alleviation of house-cleaning chores. There is a feeling that a clean house can give you that just makes you breathe a little bit easier. (price varies depending on a number of factors, but somewhere in the neighborhood of $95 and under.)

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