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What your rising college freshman really needs for the holidays


9. Bicycle

Image: Target

This will help a student get from point A to point B on large campuses. It’s also a must have for travel when colleges are located in urban areas. Pictured bicycle is from Target. (Target, $190)

10. Bicycle Lock

Bicycle Lock
Image: REI

This is one of the things we figured out the hard way that our student needed. We didn’t think to get one, and her bicycle was stolen in the very first week of school. Pictured cable/lock combo available at REI. (REI, $14)

11. Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit
Image: Hometalk

You would be surprised how many buttons pop off and rips are made once they are off to school. Help them patch up with this adorable DIY version from Hometalk. (DIY, costs vary)

12. Snacks by mail subscription

Snacks by mail subscription
Image: NatureBox

Kids away love getting mail. Make it food and you are sure to be the hero. The spread above is from NatureBox.

Hopefully this list will help you to learn from our mistakes and have your student thanking you all year long! Also, if you enjoy DIY decorating and home projects be sure to check out my site, Borei Design, and thanks for stopping by!

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