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11 Gifts to make life easier for any new mom of twins

Monique Soltani

As a new mom of identical twin girls, I finally get the phrase Hillary Clinton made popular in the ’90s. With the girls creeping up on four months, I can tell you it takes a village, plenty of patience and a whole lot of great gifts! With that in mind, here are 11 must-have gifts for any new mom of twins.

1. Food

Image: Munchery

I put a call out to the San Francisco Parents of Multiples Club and asked them what their favorite gift was when they were a new mom. The answer was a landslide! The way to a new twin mom’s heart is through her stomach. Nobody has time to cook when you are dealing with double trouble. Munchery is a delicious healthy food option here in the Bay Area. If you don’t have access to Munchery, gift cards or a home-cooked meal always make great gifts. (Munchery, $50)

2. Night nanny fund


Now that mommy’s belly is full, she needs her beauty sleep. If you can’t come over and take over the night shift, help her out by contributing to a night nanny fund. has excellent options for trained professionals. Let them pull an all-nigher so you don’t have too. Be sure to make sure the night nanny has twins experience when you start your search. (, $25-$50 an hour depending on where you live)

3. Table for Two

Table for two
Image: Table for Two

Wondering how in the heck she is going to feed two babies at the same time? Well, every woman has her secrets and twin moms have more than a few tricks up their sleeves. Table for Two is a lifesaver for all parents of twins! This secure, sturdy twin feeder saves you time, energy and sanity, and makes mealtime more comfortable for you and your twins. Whether putting breast milk into bottles or giving formula, Table for Two cuts the work in half! (Buy Table for Two, $269)

4. San Diego Bébé Twins Eco-Nursing Pillow

Twin Nursing Pillow
Image: Double Blessings

Seriously, how does she do it? Breastfeeding two at once is no easy feat. San Diego Bébé makes it easier for her to nurse two at once and still be discreet. This lifesaver is designed by San Diego-native Sandy Clark, who is also a twin mom. (Double Blessings, $70)

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