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10 Funniest tweets from parents this week


Parenthood is not for the faint of heart, and most of us quickly discover that being able to laugh about its twists and turns makes it a bit easier to handle. The parents of Twitter totally get it and are never shy in letting out their frustrations and shortcomings, always making the rest of us laugh in the process. Here are some of the funniest parenting tweets from this week. Enjoy, and happy weekend!

1. Even computers recognize.

2. Oh no. It’s happening.

3. At least he knows who’s really in charge.
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4. Sure, honey. For the kids.

5. Funny how that tends to happen. Over and over.

6. No one needs to see your tongue, kiddo.

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7. There are many more surprises in store, trust us.

8. Murphy’s grossest law of parenting.

9. You have to get your giggles where you can.

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10. He may as well learn now.

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