Christmas gifts under $100 that every teen will love

Nov 27, 2015 at 12:01 p.m. ET
Image: Amazon/Merge VR Goggles

If you have teenagers at home, the holiday season creates a lot of problems. Your son or daughter is not a cute little kid anxiously waiting for Santa Claus anymore. They are unpredictable, and somehow expect you to know what they want. What can you buy to make them happy — at least for the holidays? Here is a list of gift ideas to add some fun to your holiday season.

1. Chemion’s LED glasses

LED glasses
Image: Amazon

Does your teen have an active social life? Well then, Chemion’s LED glasses will be a big help. They sync with your smartphone through Bluetooth and allow you to create messages, cool animations or display equalizer images that link to the music playing on your smartphone. Express emotions in a real time, pre-program your messages and animations and share your creations with your friends and people across the globe. Draw attention to your party or cheer your sports team. The glasses are easy to see through, and their bright LED lights will not impact your vision, while creating a unique and memorable appearance. (Amazon, $99)

2. Clocky

Image: Nanda Home

Do you always have a problem getting your teen out of bed? Clocky will do the job for you! Clocky is the alarm clock that runs away beeping, so you cannot turn the sound off without first catching this hip device. It jumps from a 3-foot-tall nightstand and runs on carpet or wood floors, making a robotic noise and flashing a backlight. It is offered in eight colors to complement the interior design of any bedroom. It’s a gift for both you and your child! (Nanda Home, $40)

3. Nano Drone

Nano Drone
Image: Morrison Innovations

If your child is interested in robotics, there are several new, more affordable flying drone options, with prices starting at $28 (Morrison Innovations). They are small, safe and remotely controlled. The Nano Drone can perform 360-degree flips and precise flight in all directions and has a LED light for night flights. A $40 model is a perfect drone for those who want to master basic techniques on a smaller, safer scale before spending hundreds of dollars on more complex machines. Finally, a $45 Turbo-X Drone is designed for those who are confident in their skills and are looking for speed and excitement. A great modern gift for cool kids without a heavy price tag. (Morrison Innovations, $40)

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