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Build a better breakfast with a smart nutritional hack

My alarm clock goes off between 5:30 and 5:45am. I suppose I don’t NEED to be up that early, but I do enjoy the quiet and the time alone before the chaos of the day begins. By 6:15, I’m snuggling with each of my small people to wake them up and prompt them in to their days.

They need their sleep, but they also need time to settle in their morning routine which includes making their beds, putting in contacts (Delaney battles this one alone), getting dressed for school, helping to pack lunches and yes, eating that crucial, ‘most important meal of the day’, breakfast.

In our home, keeping meals nutritious despite being hurried, has always been a priority. Fruit and vegetables are our go-to snacks and are included in every meal I make (and those I send with them to school.) You won’t find me sending them off with empty tummies – even if they tell me they aren’t very hungry. I know they need the fuel to learn. Sometimes, it is fun to just do something different while keeping the focus on nutritious.

Here are a few tips for thinking outside the box when it comes to breakfast:

Think outside the box

Cereal is definitely an easy go-to, but in the interest of shaking things up a bit, the kiddos and I tried PediSure’s Grow and Gain Shakes  – as part of their morning routine. Since they are always grabbing for any shakes or smoothies, I love the idea that these shakes include even more of the goodness their growing bodies need (and there is no prep work needed). Fun fact – these shakes are gluten free, kosher and come in vanilla, chocolate, banana, berry and strawberry.


Image: Danielle Smith/Extraordinary Mommy

Let them experiment

My small people love their drinks – their milk, their water, their smoothies – super cold – so, I decided, if they want to add ice, or extra fruit, I’m happy to let them. Pediasure Grow and Gain includes protein and vitamins, but if they want to include extra fruit (a few of their favorites include bananas, blueberries, raspberries and pineapple) I’m certainly going to smile and nod.


Image: Danielle Smith/Extraordinary Mommy

Get your kids involved

The older they get, the more responsibility I give them. Once they decided to experiment, I let them tackle the ‘making’ all on their own. This means choosing the fruit, manning the blender and pouring their drinks.


Image: Danielle Smith/Extraordinary Mommy


Image: Danielle Smith/Extraordinary Mommy


Image: Danielle Smith/Extraordinary Mommy

Enjoy your nutritious creations with a friend

Or in our case, with your sibling (or maybe your mom!). I can’t promise they always get along (or that they will always make a meal together without battling over who gets to do what) but I do know they enjoy each other’s company. And being able to laugh at the start of your day is a very good thing.


Image: Danielle Smith/Extraordinary Mommy

What do you do to prioritize nutritious eating on busy school mornings – or any morning, for that matter? I’d love to know.

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between PediaSure® and SheKnows

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