Dad takes grinning selfie while his wife’s struggling to give birth

While women have long complained that their husbands are nothing but oversized children, it took one man’s brave selfie while his wife was giving birth to validate what heterosexual females have believed since time immemorial: Husbands are really immature.

Gil Solano courageously photobombed his own picture, where, in the background, viewers can see his thoroughly distressed, brow-furled wife, straining under the immense pressure to bring forth their progeny into the world, while Mr. Solano looks like a happy elementary student who just learned his teacher brought cookies to class:

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Their daughter, Eva, was born just a few moments after this picture was taken, and immediately welcomed into the sisterhood of women who, if they choose to mate with and marry a man, will forever be slightly disappointed with their perpetually juvenile husbands.

Solano received a barrage of comments where he posted his gleeful image, boastfully titled: “My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one.”

An overwhelming majority of the responses warned Solano that his days were certainly numbered.

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“I see castration in your near future and I’m not even a fortune cookie.” — MightyMile


“Post updates to this regularly so that we know she hasn’t killed you yet.” — WhiteBikerTrash

“Since you’re a dead man anyway… can I have her number?” — threenothappening

While a few posters seemed determined to feed a man’s adolescent ego, claiming the image was “cute” and even “adorable,” we are confident they were actually just paid participants. No one actually thinks posting a picture of their wife straining in labor while making the face of a golden retriever about to get a crispy slice of bacon is a good idea, right?


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Solano has responded to the criticism, stating that his beautiful, amazing, child-birthing wife not only supports the image, but she was the one who told him to share it on his social media channels.

We can only hope that Mrs. Solano is merely so tired from the extraordinary act of begetting human life that she mistakenly forgot to be dissatisfied with her husband’s choices and hold a permanent, ever-present grudge over him for behaving “like a total and complete child.”

If that isn’t the case, we can only hope that an intervention is on the horizon.

As for the rest of the dads-to-be out there, let this be a lesson to you: Save the photos for after the baby’s born… and everyone can be in the image.