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JWoww’s pregnancy confession is one a lot of moms will relate to


Recently Jenni “JWoww” Farley revealed that she’s expecting baby number two. Yay!

But not long after she shared the good news, she was accused of drinking while pregnant during a club appearance in Missouri. Boo.

Now Farley is speaking out and explaining what really happened that night. The Jersey Shore star sat down with HuffPost Live and explained the situation. Was she drinking at the club appearance? Yes. Was she out-of-control drunk? No.

And now for the important thing: Did Farley know she was pregnant? Of course not!

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Farley, who’s currently a few months along, had a club appearance in September. (The club owner is the one who sold the story, FYI — nice, right?) “I either conceived that night — go figure — or the week before,” Farley said. “And when it comes to pregnancies, when you actually pee on the stick, you’re already four weeks pregnant. So a lot of people don’t realize that.” She then continued, “So, yeah, I found out [I was pregnant], like, two weeks after that, and I would never. I would never. And to be honest, I wasn’t even drunk out there.”

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Here’s the video: 

Here’s the thing: The chances of women drinking or doing something they shouldn’t do during pregnancy — eating deli meat, drinking unpasteurized juice — are pretty high before they know they’re actually pregnant. Especially if they’re not necessarily trying, which, who knows if Farley and husband Roger Mathews were? For all we know, this could have been a complete surprise for the couple, in which case, why wouldn’t Farley have a few drinks?

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Of course, if someone is actively trying, it’s obviously smart to talk to their doctor and try to be as healthy and safe as possible. But it’s not worth beating yourself up if you slipped and had a glass of wine or a turkey sandwich before you found out you were pregnant. It happens. And you’re going to be OK.

There are definite, proven reasons why you should not drink alcohol during pregnancy. It’s harmful to you and your baby. That said, about 18 percent of moms do wind up drinking in the first trimester — likely because they don’t know they’re pregnant — compared to the 4.2 and 3.7 percent who have alcohol during the second and third trimesters, respectively. Moms, for the most part, know that drinking while pregnant is wrong. If they do it early on, it’s likely because they were unaware, not because they were reckless. Pregnant mothers — including Farley — shouldn’t be chastised for that and made to feel like they’re terrible people. That’s simply not the case.

Of course, though, as with pretty much any and all things related to motherhood, odds are pretty high of feeling some level of guilt about enjoying a few glasses of wine before you knew you had a bun in the oven. So take heart in this: A 2013 study found that women who imbibed early on in pregnancy were neither putting their baby at risk for premature birth or low birth weight nor subjecting themselves to the risk of high blood pressure complications during their pregnancy.

Of course, women shouldn’t take these studies and findings as a message that it’s OK to drink during pregnancy, because again, there are definite risks. But if you conceived your baby after a boozy night of merlot, there’s more than likely no need to worry — and no need to scold a fellow mama.

Farley likely felt bad for drinking when she was technically pregnant, so it’s a shame that it wound up being plastered in the pages of a tabloid (as if moms don’t deal with enough!). But hopefully she can rest easy knowing that she’s OK — and that she’s not alone.

Did you drink alcohol before you knew you were pregnant?

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