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The Rock steals hearts with his clever baby gender reveal


Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian have big news, and they want the world to know.

Following reports of a pregnancy a few months ago, The Rock finally revealed what the couple has been “cooking” on his official Instagram and Facebook pages: It’s a girl!

Leave it to a big personality like The Rock to break the mold of a “traditional” Instagram gender reveal. We’ve seen celebrities spill the gender news to their Instagram followers plenty of times before — like Gwen Stefani’s announcement of her third son last year and Kelly Clarkson’s gender reveal for her second baby, a boy, just weeks ago. You may notice a distinct similarity between Stefani’s and Clarkson’s Instagram gender reveal announcements: the use of the hashtag #itsaboy.

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The Rock, of course, had to do things just a little bit different. Already the father to a 14-year-old daughter from his first marriage, The Rock’s gender reveal started with an ode to the strong women he knew and ended with a more ambiguous hashtag that left us guessing: #BringOnMoreEstrogenInOurHome. Excited fans put the pieces together and figured it out — yup, the adorable couple is expecting a little girl!

Now you can thank The Rock for a brand-new parenting trend that is likely to be sweeping the Internet any minute now. Social media gender reveals started coming on strong a few years ago, as all of the once-young Facebook users became parents. We’ve seen couples stage elaborate pranks, create specialty photo shoots and throw now-customary gender reveal parties that involve the cutting of a pink or blue-filled cake — and yet, the Internet gods aren’t satisfied. Every expecting parent is still looking for a new and better way to announce their baby’s gender on social media.

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And then we have The Rock, a sweet second-time dad coming in cool as a cucumber. Instead of creating a viral video or writing his baby girl’s gender in the sky, Johnson kept it classy. He made his announcement through the use of a clever hashtag that implied an increase in #GirlPower in his house.

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Because of this rise of the gender reveal, most expecting parents are feeling the pressure to put on a show for their friends and family before they even have a baby. To move us far, far away from this high-pressure parenting game, let’s hope The Rock’s subtle “gender hinting” catches on as the hot, new gender reveal trend. Even a celebrity like The Rock knows what our mothers have been trying to tell us all along: Sometimes, less is more.

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