The Rock steals hearts with his clever baby gender reveal

Nov 11, 2015 at 9:26 a.m. ET

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian have big news, and they want the world to know.

Following reports of a pregnancy a few months ago, The Rock finally revealed what the couple has been "cooking" on his official Instagram and Facebook pages: It's a girl!

Leave it to a big personality like The Rock to break the mold of a "traditional" Instagram gender reveal. We've seen celebrities spill the gender news to their Instagram followers plenty of times before — like Gwen Stefani's announcement of her third son last year and Kelly Clarkson's gender reveal for her second baby, a boy, just weeks ago. You may notice a distinct similarity between Stefani's and Clarkson's Instagram gender reveal announcements: the use of the hashtag #itsaboy.

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The Rock, of course, had to do things just a little bit different. Already the father to a 14-year-old daughter from his first marriage, The Rock's gender reveal started with an ode to the strong women he knew and ended with a more ambiguous hashtag that left us guessing: #BringOnMoreEstrogenInOurHome. Excited fans put the pieces together and figured it out — yup, the adorable couple is expecting a little girl!


Now you can thank The Rock for a brand-new parenting trend that is likely to be sweeping the Internet any minute now. Social media gender reveals started coming on strong a few years ago, as all of the once-young Facebook users became parents. We've seen couples stage elaborate pranks, create specialty photo shoots and throw now-customary gender reveal parties that involve the cutting of a pink or blue-filled cake — and yet, the Internet gods aren't satisfied. Every expecting parent is still looking for a new and better way to announce their baby's gender on social media.

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And then we have The Rock, a sweet second-time dad coming in cool as a cucumber. Instead of creating a viral video or writing his baby girl's gender in the sky, Johnson kept it classy. He made his announcement through the use of a clever hashtag that implied an increase in #GirlPower in his house.

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Because of this rise of the gender reveal, most expecting parents are feeling the pressure to put on a show for their friends and family before they even have a baby. To move us far, far away from this high-pressure parenting game, let's hope The Rock's subtle "gender hinting" catches on as the hot, new gender reveal trend. Even a celebrity like The Rock knows what our mothers have been trying to tell us all along: Sometimes, less is more.