Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis break their own rules to share baby photo

Well, it happened. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have decided to share a photo of baby Wyatt… after a year of keeping their baby girl hidden away.

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Why now? Turns out Mila and Ashton have an — not surprisingly — amazing reason for letting the world get a sneak peek at baby Wyatt Kutcher! But first… the photo:

Say it with us… aww!

And now, the reason! Did you notice that little hashtag at the end for the #redsandproject? Along with the, well, red sand in the photo? Turns out you can actually buy a red sand kit, and it all goes to an amazing cause.

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According to #RedSandProject creator Molly Gochman, here’s the deal: “Red Sand Project is an activist artwork that uses participatory sidewalk interventions, earthwork installations and convenings to create opportunities for people to question, to connect and to take action against human trafficking.”

In other words: Mila and Ashton are using the massive attention they know will come with sharing a sneak peek at their cutie to actually raise awareness about human trafficking. Not bad, Mom and Dad! Not bad!

The couple has always seemed to be pretty liberal and cool, but it’s interesting to note that studies have shown fathers in particular become more progressive, and more vocal about these types of issues, after having daughters. Whether that played a role here is uncertain, but maybe it’s reason enough to share it with a dad you know… and see if he’ll get involved!

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