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Sister Wives star reveals baby’s gender

Some parents wait until the baby is born to find out the sex, but Sister Wives star Robyn Brown wanted nothing to do with waiting. In last night’s episode of the show, she revealed not only her baby’s sex but also how eager she was to find out the news herself.

She told her husband, Kody Brown, and the ultrasound technician, “Like, I’m about to die I want to know so bad!” Fortunately for her, the technician was able to tell, and it’s a girl. Yes, another sister for the Sister Wives. This little one will join siblings Dayton, 15, Aurora, 13, and Breanna, 10, who are Robyn’s from a previous marriage, as well as 4-year-old Solomon, her son with Kody.

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It’s sweet that after four children Robyn is still that excited to find out the baby’s sex. You’d think perhaps after having a couple of each sex that the seasoned mom might not be in such a hurry to find out, but clearly that wasn’t the case.

When it’s your first, the sex seems so incredibly significant in so many ways, from decorating a nursery to buying clothing and imagining a future. Even with a second — or third and beyond if you only have one gender — you wonder how different your world and your children’s world might be with a child of another sex. Because while most of us really just want healthy kids, one’s sex does change family dynamics.

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For example, a recent study shows that having a sibling of the opposite sex can help build one’s romantic confidence. Another found that men who have older sisters tend to be less competitive than men who don’t, while women with older sisters are more competitive. While we take these individual studies and others with a huge shaker of salt, we know that the sex of children and our siblings does matter. So maybe Robyn’s excitement isn’t that unusual for a seasoned mom.

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Also, after having more children and seeing their vastly unique personalities and passions, it’s understandable that one might want to know even more what the next one will be like. So perhaps getting a hint of what’s to come — like a child’s gender — is just as irresistible whether you have one child or 15.

Congrats to Robyn and Kody!

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