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Little boy loves Dad so much he can’t stop telling him (VIDEO)

Most parents have had an extended farewell or two with their children. Typically they involve tears, hands gripping ankles or tantrums, but the one between this father and toddler son is filled with nothing but love. Lots of love.

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In the video, which is going viral, you see the dad heading off to work and the diaper-clad toddler telling him goodbye and that he loves him. Pretty normal stuff, but keep watching. It keeps getting better and better.

How incredibly beautiful is that? The toddler’s persistence and the dad’s patience and unfailing response to his son for nearly three minutes are heart melting. You can tell they have a special relationship, and this video is going to be one they both will cherish for years.

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So many times we’re in a rush, and this dad could have easily driven off after the 20th “I love you, Daddy!” but this outpouring of love was certainly worth the wait. If only we all could head off to work every day with a send-off like that, the world would surely be a better place.

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