Eddie Murphy is having a baby, and the world's reaction is depressing

Nov 5, 2015 at 11:43 a.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

Eight isn't enough for comedian Eddie Murphy. The 54-year-old and his girlfriend, Paige Butcher, 36, are expecting a child — Murphy's ninth — in May.

The actor's rep revealed the news to E! News yesterday. While the baby is Murphy's first with Butcher, his girlfriend of four years, it's certainly not Murphy's first rodeo. His other children include:

  • Eric, 26 — with ex-girlfriend Paulette McNeely
  • Christian, 25 — with ex-girlfriend Tamara Hood
  • Bria, 25; Myles, 22; Shayne, 21; Zola, 15; and Bella, 13 — with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell
  • Angel, 8 — with one-time fling Mel B.

And while the star is old enough to be a grandfather, the media seem to be patting him on the back for a job well done. The ol' stud's still got it, right? Not much is said about the fact that he'll be 72 when this baby graduates high school.

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When reporting Murphy's news, the headlines read "Eddie Murphy Expecting Child with Girlfriend Paige Butcher," "Ninth time's the charm? Eddie Murphy prepares for baby's arrival" and "Eddie Murphy's Girlfriend Paige Butcher Is Expecting — Which Makes Baby No. 9 for the Funnyman! Whoa!"

Being an old celebrity dad is no big deal. Bryan Adams didn't have any children until he was 52. And when their youngest kids were born, Kevin Costner was 55, Kelsey Grammer was 59, and Donald Trump was 60.

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But turn the tables for a moment, and consider what's reported when a "mature" female celebrity reveals she's pregnant. In 2013, Starcasm revealed Hollywood's "oldest moms," ranging in age from 41 to 48... all way younger than Eddie Murphy.

Can you even imagine what the headlines would read if Murphy were a 54-year-old woman?

  • 54-year-old Eddie Murphy announces geriatric pregnancy
  • Eddie Murphy reveals pregnancy at a jaw-dropping 54 years old
  • Eddie Murphy is expecting at age 54 — is his sperm too old?
  • Eddie Murphy tries to reclaim his youth with a late-in-life pregnancy
  • Aging Eddie Murphy celebrates his fertility with another pregnancy
  • Eddie Murphy, 54, spotted at drugstore buying hair dye, adult diapers and a pregnancy test!
  • A "grand" baby for pregnant Eddie Murphy, who's old enough to be a grandfather
  • Eddie Murphy prepares for his golden years with a new pregnancy
  • Eddie Murphy, 54, postpones retirement plans thanks to baby No. 9

Double standard? Sort of. The age of the father is less significant to a pregnancy, of course, than the age of the mother. While more women are having babies after the age of 40, there are risks involved — for both baby and mom.

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