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20 Things your toddler really wants for Christmas

Do you have no idea what to get your toddler for Christmas? Don’t panic. Toddlers get a bad reputation for their terrible temper tantrums, but when it comes to the holidays, they are simpler to shop for than you’d think.

The three-and-under crowd is usually more excited about the wrapping paper than the gift itself. Before you start practicing for your West Wide Story-style snap battle with another parent over the last must-have little kid toy of the season, check out this list of things that toddlers really want for Christmas.

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1. Ten minutes alone with a roll of toilet paper.

2. Your cellphone (not that plastic toy imposter, because they’re on to your tricks!).

3. One of those bone-shaped cookies they think must be your favorite because you freak out whenever they sneak one from the box next to the dog food bag.

4. A shirt with a cartoon character they recognize on the front. Not that one. Not that one. THAT one.

5. Something huggable.

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6. A toy that takes six batteries, has no off button and is super easy for a parent to trip over and activate in the middle of the night.

7. That mushy, half-eaten banana you threw out the other day because you thought they were finished but they weren’t.

8. Whatever toy their older sibling is holding at this exact moment.

9. “Up.”

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10. An empty box, size L.

11. Grandma.

12. The wedding vase you keep on the highest shelf and refer to as your “last nice thing.”

13. Shoes that light up.

14. Bubble wrap.

15. For the cat to stay still long enough for a hug.

16. A chance to climb the Christmas tree.

17. Fifty-two binkies in a variety of colors.

18. Juice, but only in a red cup.

19. All-access pass to the big bed.

20. To zipper their coat/buckle the car seat/close the door/turn off the light by themselves.

Holiday gift guide for toddlers
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