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Cop gives speeding mom something so much better than a ticket

Getting pulled over is usually not the highlight of anyone’s day, and when a South Carolina mom saw the lights in her rearview mirror, her heart certainly sank.

According to Ayla Dyer Hemeon’s Facebook page, she was pulled over while she was trying to take a carved pumpkin over to her parents’ house, and she explained that she was in a hurry because they needed to get back home so her daughter could do her homework. The officer retreated to his vehicle, where Hemeon could see him writing out a ticket.

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She got good news when he came back out, though — he said he was just giving her a warning, and she thanked him and headed off, relieved. However, when her daughter read her the ticket, Hemeon was moved to tears.

The officer actually thanked her, saying that she could have chosen to spend her day alone, but instead she spent time helping her parents and her daughter.

We as parents spend so much time making sure everything runs smoothly, that we get everyone where they need to go and that everyone is healthy, safe and well fed. We often make selfless personal sacrifices so our family is well taken care of, and most of the time we feel all the work we do is not only expected but brushed aside. After all, our job is to take care of our children, right?

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But sometimes some folks do notice. Not everything we do is invisible, and sometimes people do pay attention when we feel we’re simply doing our jobs. And even though not everyone gets recognition like this, it’s pretty precious when it happens.

Because yes, our jobs as moms and dads are important. In fact, one might argue that there is no more important job — after all, children are literally our future, and nurturing the next generation is vital. And for one person to take notice of a mom going out of her way to help her parents have a good Halloween and to make sure her daughter has enough time to do her homework is special indeed.

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What could have been a pretty crappy day for this mom and her daughter turned out to be rather amazing. She was touched by the heartfelt gesture, and while she may pay more attention to her speedometer in the future, she will probably never forget the day a police officer noticed she was being a good daughter and a good mom.

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