David Beckham let his 4-year-old draw his adorable new tattoo

Oct 30, 2015 at 10:55 a.m. ET
Image: Lia Toby/WENN.com

If you needed any more proof that David Beckham is the most adorably doting dad in Hollywood, here it is: Just days ago, Victoria Beckham posted a sweet picture to Instagram of her husband's new ink, inspired by 4-year-old daughter Harper's artwork.

The cute tattoo is on the inside of Beckham's hand and depicts a happy stick figure drawn by Harper. In Victoria's shot of the new tattoo, she called Harper a "true little artist." When David posted the picture of his new ink to his own Instagram account, he joked, "Apparently, Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy."


Beckham's heart — and body — are big enough for all his kids. After posting a picture of his new tattoo created by his daughter, Beckham added another shot of a handwritten tattoo inspired by his three sons, Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, and Cruz, 10, somewhere on his torso.


Call this the ultimate parenting hack, but Beckham finally figured out what to do with all that artwork overtaking the refrigerator. But as sweet as it is to commemorate those innocent moments that happen only once, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about this new parenting trend.

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In the "don't ever do this, please" category, a young dad made headlines this year after tattooing a giant portrait of his baby's face on his own face. (And by giant, we mean giant.) In the "yes, please" category, where the famously inked Beckham leads the pack, we see sweet stories of dads who have used their child's drawings to create a long-lasting memory — like the dad who adds his son's sketches to his tattoo sleeve every year, or the tattoo artist dad who let his 4-year-old daughter tattoo a strawberry on his arm.

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It wasn't too many years ago that upstanding citizens of the community thought tattoos and parenting didn't mix, but now we know quite the opposite is true. Tattoos may have had a bad rep half a century ago, but these days, they're an outlet that millions of people use as a form of self-expression, both before and after kids. (And we're not even going to dignify the "parents with tattoos are bad role models" rumor with a response.)

It makes perfect sense that we're seeing the child-inspired tattoo trend spike in the past few years, spurred on by celebrities like Beckham, as we're finally starting to realize that art on your body has nothing to do with your ability to parent.

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Maybe a replica of your child's doodles on your body isn't for you, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the younger years with your love of ink. Parents have long been tattooing their bodies with their children's footprints, names, birth dates and even special quotes that remind them of their kids. There's that bittersweet parenting truth that always gets you right in the feels — nothing lasts forever, but a tattoo inspired by your child is the sweetest reminder of the days that go by too fast.