5 Creative uses for your kids' old Halloween costumes

Oct 29, 2015 at 12:02 p.m. ET
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Halloween comes and goes in a blur of sugar and scares. After months of plotting, planning, shopping and sewing, the perfect costume makes it debut… and then what?

Instead of shoving it in a box and hoping you can convince a younger sibling to wear it another year (good luck with that), try one of these ideas instead:

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1. Turn them into next year's Halloween decorations

Scary masks can be transformed into centerpieces; costumes, hats and wigs can be used to dress scarecrows; and fake blood, well... there's always a use for fake blood come Halloween.

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2. Donate

Many children aren't able to embrace Halloween fully because their families can't afford costumes. Fortunately organizations like The Halloween Helpers and 'Ween Dream collect old costumes and distribute them to those in need.

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3. Wear them throughout the year

Really take a look at your kid's costume and see what can be worn long after Halloween. For example, a beautiful fairy princess gown can transform into a perfect party dress for the holidays. Ditch the wings, crown and wand, and voilà – a fancy frock.

fairy costume
Image: Pottery Barn Kids

4. Swap

Did you know there's an actual National Costume Swap Day? It's officially the second Saturday in October, but you can organize your own with friends and neighbors anytime.

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5. Make a dress-up box

Face it: Everyone is going to want their own, original costume next year, so don't put them away to keep them from getting ruined. If your kids are too old for dress-up play, ask friends with younger kids or your local school or day care if they would like them for plays, play and more.

girl in Halloween costume
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