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Teen Mom 2 stars reveal their unique baby name at adorable shower

It’s been a whirlwind of a month for Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms. He was awarded primary custody of his 5-year-old twins, and he just revealed the unique name of his new baby girl-to-be.

The baby, Simms’ first with wife Miranda, is due in January and will be named Remi. She’ll be welcomed by Dad, Mom and big sisters Ali and Aleeah. Ali (short for Aliannah) and Aleeah, of course, are Simms’ daughters with Leah Messer.

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This past weekend, the Simms celebrated their new addition in festive fall style. A baby shower was held and featured a cake and decorations featuring the baby’s name (and the initials RMS — we don’t yet know what the M stands for).

The name Remi traditionally has been given to boys. In an era of masculine-turned-feminine baby names, it’s right on trend. Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell Drew, Marla Sokoloff’s little girl is named Elliotte, and Oscar Nunez calls his baby girl August.

As an English name, Remi was used as a diminutive of Remington, a masculine name that means “from the raven farm.” In French culture, it is a stand-alone name that can be spelled Rémi or Rémy. It will be interesting to hear how the Simms family pronounces it. Will they accent the first syllable, English-style, or will the emphasis be on the second syllable as it would be spoken in France?

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However they say it, we wish Remi, Ali, Aleeah, Miranda and Corey all the best!

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