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Dessert discussion cards to spark dinnertime conversation

The holiday season is all about gatherings, family dinners and spending time together. We all look forward to it! Nothing is better than having some time off to sit, eat some good food and laugh for hours on end with our loved ones. We all wish there was more time in the year to do it! That’s why we have to make the best of the time we have together, and the holiday season is when most people can make it happen.

Today, I’m sharing a fun way to continue the smiles and laughter after an evening of delicious comfort food has been gobbled up. Dessert is never left out during holiday gatherings! Whether you have family staying in town or you are entertaining guests for a larger party, these fun dessert discussion cards will ignite new conversations (and ignite a laugh or two).

Family Night
Image: Kelly Dixon/SheKnows

When I think of dessert during the holidays, I think of pie (pie, pie and more pie!). Everyone has their favorite kind of pie and mine is chocolate! This year, try adding a dessert discussion starter with each slice you serve your guests. Each person gets a different question and the answers are easy and lighthearted. Get the kids and adults involved and watch the smiles of the dinner discussion travel all the way through dessert.

Family Night
Image: Kelly Dixon/SheKnows

This year, I placed a dessert discussion card in each pie serving.

Family NIght
Image: Kelly Dixon/SheKnows



  • Cut out each card.
  • Cut the paper straws in half.
  • Twist some bakers twine around the top of the straw and tie a bow.
  • Glue or tape the discussion cards to the straws (just below the bow).
  • Insert the straw into the pie and pass them out to your guests.

What I love about these discussion cards is that they have a fun and modern twist that everyone can relate to. There is no need to generate heavy or undesirable conversations during holiday meals and these Dessert Discussion Cards keep the feelings light and happy! Watching everyone devour their desserts with smiles on their faces is something we all enjoy seeing. These cards help us spend more time together with our friends and family — and more time with our loved ones is something we all need.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy the priceless time and smile-worthy moments with your friends and family!

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