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Kids put inventive educational toys to the test (VIDEO)

Action figures and baby dolls have their place in every playroom, but parents of today want more out of the toys their kids play with.

We want them to be fun and educational. We want our kids to have a great time but also to know that their minds are working hard while they play.

Don’t get us wrong, educational toys are definitely out there, but it’s not easy to find one your kids will choose to play with over everything else they have access to.

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We came across a toy that claims to fit that bill, and we let our Hatch kids have a go at it. Watch this video to see what they thought:

It’s great, right? Some of us adults might take a look at that box of gadgets and feel intimidated, but those kids tore it open and dived right in.

Image: SheKnows
Image: SheKnows

And even better, after playing with this kit, they feel empowered. They feel smart. What more can we ask for in a world where we have to work hard every day to build their spirits and boost their confidence?

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Image: SheKnows

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