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Kids share what they’re really thankful for (VIDEO)

As parents, we know what we’re thankful for: our kids, their health, the roof over our heads and the food we eat. The list just keeps coming, right?

With kids, it’s not always easy to convey the meaning of being thankful. If you ask a small child what she’s thankful for, chances are she’ll tell you candy and her dog.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being thankful for those things — they are pretty great to have — but kids don’t always get the big picture. They don’t always understand that what they have is special, a reason to give thanks.

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As they get older, though, something magical happens. They start to get it. And usually it happens without us even realizing it.

We asked our Hatch kids what they’re thankful for and let their parents secretly listen in.

Kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

Turns out they really do pay attention. They really do notice all the things you do and all the sacrifices you make. And they love you even more for it.

Kids share who they're really thankful for
Image: Sheknows
Kids share who they're really thankful for 2
Image: Sheknows

And even better, they listen. They take those little bits of advice and wisdom that you give them, and they store them away in their brains for safekeeping — despite what you probably thought.

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Somewhere along they lines, they start to really see the world. They notice the important things that other people don’t always have, and they learn to value those things in their own lives.

Kids share who they're really thankful for 3
Image: Sheknows
Image: SheKnows

The only thing that’s better than listening to the kids in this video talk about being thankful is watching their parents hear their words. Can’t you just see the joy on their faces? It’s like suddenly it was all so worthwhile.

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Kids share who they're really thankful for 4
Image: Sheknows

With Thanksgiving approaching, now is the perfect time to talk to your kids about the true meaning of the season and what it means to be thankful. Use our Hatch Workshop Discussion Guide: The #ThankList to get the conversation started.

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