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Diaper company accused of Photoshopping toddler’s body

In a recent post on Reddit, a woman accused Huggies of doing something as outrageous as Photoshopping a thigh gap on a baby in a diaper commercial. Her post had viewers split on whether the baby was Photoshopped or simply skinny.

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We couldn’t help but scratch our heads. Yes, the vision of a chubby, roly poly bundle of love might be the one we see in our minds when we think of a baby, but the fact is there are just as many skinny babies out there. These babies may have legs that don’t touch at the thighs — and that is OK! All babies are beautiful, no matter what size they are.

Huggies thigh gap ad
Image: spittingpigeon/Reddit

Some angry commenters have argued that the baby’s knee looks higher on one leg than it does on the other, so the photo must have been retouched. It’s possible that that is just a result of bad photography. Plus, the mom in the picture is clearly trying to pull the diaper up, which would cause the child to move and the baby’s legs to look a bit uneven. Perhaps this was the best photo out of a group of photos at this shoot, and it wasn’t a very good one to begin with?

Huggies took the high road, telling Yahoo Parenting, “We always use real-life customers and users of our products, and do not airbrush the bodies of the babies in our advertising and photography. All babies are different. We look to celebrate those differences… in our photography and communication.” However, Huggies spokesperson Terry Balluck went on to say that the diapers featured in the ad are no longer sold by Huggies directly, and he cannot speak to the advertising practices of third-party sellers.

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Regardless of what Huggies intended, there is likely a mom somewhere feeling bad because online commenters are assuming there’s something unnatural about a skinny baby. All that really matters is that the diaper doesn’t leak and the baby stays dry, right?

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What do you think? Did Huggies Photoshop a thigh gap on this baby?

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