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Breastfeeding moms become mermaids in stunning photos

There is something that feels literally magical about breastfeeding — that something so simple can be so powerful. One photographer manages to capture that very feeling in some beautiful images.

Breastfeeding on its own is lovely to behold, but Kyiera Jones of Kyiera Jones Photography manages to take it to a whole other level with her ethereal images of these beautiful mothers breastfeeding their sweet babies against positively elysian backdrops.

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Jones, who is a photographer in Beaumont, Texas, has an entire body of beautiful work and describes her style as “soulful, rich and beautifully lit.” There’s no arguing with that, and our eyes were drawn immediately to her images of breastfeeding mermaids, which feature beautiful jewel-tailed women with fishtail braids and damp hair, lovingly feeding their chubby little ones.

We love the juxtaposition of the every day — breastfeeding — against the otherworldly and fantastical setting of bathing beauties on river rocks. It’s a perfect picture of a certain type of femininity. After all, what could better epitomize the simultaneous childhood play so many girls engage in — immersing yourself in the dual fantasies of a fairy-tale world and domestic life? Plus, it’s a bit of a fantasy for the adult in us — who wouldn’t want to breastfeed beside a placid river, looking flawless and celebrated for our beauty?

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Image: Kyiera Jones Photography

Jones, who has photographed little girls as mermaids before but never mamas, told us a little bit about the pictures, saying, “I love the concept of a fairy tale.” She went on to talk a little about what sparked the idea for her: “We were originally going to do breastfeeding shots, and then the night before, one of the moms contacted me and said they were looking through my work and saw the mermaid images and fell in love. She said she has always loved mermaids since her childhood. That sparked an idea for me right away.”

Afterward, that mom (pictured in the purple tail) thanked Jones for helping her dream come true.

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The pictures are absolutely beautiful, the babies are too cute for words, and the entire concept is perfect. You can head on over to Jones’ Facebook page to take a look at hundreds of other beautiful images, and give her a like while you’re there.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below: 

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Image: Inti St. Clair/Getty Images

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