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Dad lets his 4-year-old give him an adorable new tattoo

You’ve heard of “take your kid to work” day, right? Well, this dad not only let his little girl come to work with him, but he showed her how to tattoo.

The father (whose artist name is Bob-Tat) is the owner of 3rd eye TATTOO in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. A few weeks ago, he posted a photo of his 4-year-old daughter tattooing him. He said that in that photo, there were no needles, and it was more of a test to see if she could handle the weight of the machine as well as take careful instructions from her father. Apparently the test was successful, because a week later, he loaded up the machine and coached her through an adorable little strawberry tattoo on his arm.

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Most of the comments he received on his post are positive — after all, it’s not uncommon for a child of a tattoo artist to get a little time behind the machine when they’re still kids, and it’s always a sweet and loving experience for both parent and child. It also makes for a sweet kid-themed tattoo, because hey, they’re doing it themselves, adorable wobbly lines and all. But for some reason, his photo has been reported to Facebook for “graphic violence,” and at least one person strangely accused him of child abuse — none of which is true or remotely relevant in this case.

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Little girl tattoos dad
Image: 3rd Eye Tattoo

Really, this is just a good example of ways parents can get their kids involved in their work. Not every job allows for the presence of children (even on popular “take your kid to work” days — after all, your child can’t go with you if you’re a corrections officer, work in a factory or work with hazardous equipment or material), but if you have a chance for your child to tag along on a typical workday, it can lead to bonding as well as a greater understanding on the part of your child of what you actually do when you’re away from them at your job.

And if you can let your child actually do some of your work, that will go down as a treasured childhood memory she’ll keep for life. Kids love emulating adult work, and if they can actually get in on it, they will never forget it.

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And Bob-Tat totally feels the same way. As he told SheKnows, “It’s important to teach a real-life skill to your kid versus dumbing kids down with uneducational TV, video games and toys to keep them busy during the part of their growth that they learn and absorb knowledge the best. There is plenty of time to learn and play smart. And the best after-school/part-time job (when she’s old enough to work) in her future is way better than working at McDonald’s or washing dishes, and if she chooses tattooing as her career, then she’ll have it made!”

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