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Sam and Nia have big pregnancy news — again (VIDEO)

Hey, remember Sam and Nia, the couple behind the cute “husband surprises wife with pregnancy news” video? The couple who then found out that Nia miscarried a week or so later? They’re expecting again! And yep, they made a video about it.

The Christian vloggers who’ve made a lot of headlines this year just shared news that they’re expecting their third child with the world. But before they broadcast the good news, they surprised their mothers with a sneaky little trick, and their eldest daughter, Symphony, with a scavenger hunt. And, of course, being that they’re vloggers, they captured the whole thing on tape.

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In the video titled “Son Shocks Mom With Pregnancy Announcement,” the couple has both their mothers check inside their oven, where — you guessed it — there’s a bun. The grandmas have very different reactions, but they’re both naturally so, so happy.

Here, see the video for yourself, and check out their — and sweet Symphony’s — touching reactions.

Love them or hate them, you have to admit it’s pretty cute.

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Most of the comments on the couple’s YouTube page are positive, but unsurprisingly there certainly is a fair share of “haters,” so to speak. Sam spoke to People after posting the video, saying they just found out that Nia is pregnant “a couple of weeks ago.” He also says that they’re not 100 percent sure how far along she is. They’re “estimating eight weeks.” Being that the last time Sam and Nia announced that they were expecting it resulted in a painful miscarriage that they then had to share with the world, people are wondering why they’ve chosen to announce things again so early.

One would hope it all turns out OK, but after one miscarriage, it’s not unusual to be more nervous to share such news so early on. They’re not even out of the first trimester, and statistics show that anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage — typically within the first 20 weeks.

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That said, to each their own. In a way, what this couple is doing is incredibly important, whether it was intentional or not. They opened up a national dialogue about pregnancy loss, and if they made one couple feel less alone, nothing was in vain. And you have to respect the fact that they’re choosing to not “edit” their lives, but are instead sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. (The “ugly,” FYI, includes Sam getting caught in the Ashley Madison hack.)

Here’s to hoping that everything goes perfectly throughout Nia’s pregnancy. Many people — including little Symphony and two excited grandmas — will be very disappointed if it doesn’t. And no doubt Sam and Nia will be keeping us updated on how things go.

How soon did you announce your pregnancy?

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