Mom creates 'American Boy' doll for son

Oct 23, 2015 at 1:17 p.m. ET

When kids make birthday wishes, parents do their best to make them come true. Some wishes, however, are more challenging to grant than others — like when your child asks for something that doesn't exist.

That didn't stop mom Gina DeMillo Wagner, however, when her 6-year-old son Miles asked for an "American Boy" doll. Seeing his older sister have all the fun with her mini look-alike, he wanted in on it too. But alas, the company doesn't produce the dolls for boys.

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That was when Wagner, a photographer and writer, got creative. She started by hunting down a doll. She found one on eBay — a Madame Alexander doll with platinum hair and blue eyes, just like her son. It cost just $25. Then she proceeded to transform the doll by cutting its hair, removing the doll's makeup and trimming the eyelashes. Finally, she hunted down some cool dude duds, and voilà — an "American Boy" doll for less than $50.

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Her son was ecstatic. She told SheKnows, "His reaction was priceless! He was shocked and thrilled. He knew that AG didn't make boy dolls (only baby versions), so he was truly surprised. At first he just kept staring at the doll and laughing, saying 'he looks like me!'"

American Boy Doll
Image: Gina DeMillo Wagner

And he does! What a great gift and perfect inspiration for other parents of boys who would like one as well. Be on the lookout at garage sales, online and in the rooms of big sisters who may have outgrown their dolls to make one for your son.

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