College kids find out just how real the swaddling struggle is (VIDEO)

Swaddling is one of those parenting tasks that takes time, talent and the right blanket to master. Even then, it can challenge the most seasoned parent. So how would college students do when put to the task… or at least a version of the task?

In this comical video from Babble, a set of parents has college students attempt swaddling, but there’s a catch. They’re not asked to swaddle sweet little babies, but rather full-grown adults. What could possibly go wrong? Watch and see for yourself.

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So what’s the takeaway here? We’re not sure, exactly, but it was pretty fun to watch. And it might make parents attempting to swaddle feel a little bit better about the struggle. It’s real.

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As the “real” dad in the video said, “That s*** is hard.”

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