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Even Disney princesses can’t breastfeed in public without harassment

If your baby is hungry, you feed her, right? And while you may or may not be comfortable nursing your baby in public, many moms are, and apparently the Disney princesses are no exception.

Mulan, Belle, Ariel, Pocahontas and Jasmine. These five Disney princesses have become moms, and they all made the decision to nurse their babies. Oh yeah — they also have no need for nursing covers, thank you. And they don’t hesitate to nourish their tiny tots wherever they may be.

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A Facebook fan page called Alternative Disney posted these amazing fan fiction masterpieces for all of us to enjoy.

Here we have Mulan, blissfully breastfeeding her baby in a park as her partner looks on.

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And here’s lovely Belle, nursing her sweet baby on a city street.

Ariel (who seems to still have her tail — hmm…) sits on a park bench as she breastfeeds her little bub. Wonder of wonders, the man sitting next to her continues to read the paper, because breastfeeding is no big deal.

Pocahontas seems to be quite comfortable breastfeeding her little one in this department store.

Jasmine realizes that breastfeeding at a restaurant table is no more offensive than that guy over there shoving steak in his piehole.

The really interesting thing about these pictures isn’t necessarily the images themselves, even though they are quite sweet. No, the interesting thing is that even on these pieces of obvious fan art, where cartoons are depicted breastfeeding, where fake people who don’t really exist are nursing in a public place, and none of it actually happened, people are going apeshit over nursing in public.

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Within the comments, people are arguing over whether it’s proper to nurse without a cover or to breastfeed in a restaurant.

It goes to show that people just cannot deal with breastfeeding, whether it’s an actual human mother or a work of creative fictional fan art. We love them, and we thank these Disney princesses for showing us that breastfeeding a baby is not sexual, perverse or against the law.

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Image: Leilani Rogers/ Photos by Lei

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