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Ashlee Simpson’s husband shows just what a proud papa he is on Instagram

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross have a new daughter, and she is definitely as cute as they come.

Ross just took to Instagram in order to show off his baby girl, in a sweet post that showed off her gorgeous brown eyes.
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After Ross shared the photo on his Instagram page, Simpson shared it on her own Instagram stating,

Yessssss!!! Baby we did this. Look at our lovely daughter.!! #jaggersnowross She is LOVE pure love!! @realevanross.

We do have to agree that Jagger Snow Ross is one gorgeous little girl. However, she is also a lucky little girl. Not only does she have two fierce parents who are well respected by their peers, but she also has an adorable older brother who will make sure no one ever dares to hurt her.

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Ross and Simpson definitely make beautiful babies. Besides the obvious however, how great is it that Ross took to Instagram to show off his daughter before Simpson did? More often than not, it is the mother who is left with the job of showing off her children, simply tagging dad in the photos. It is great when the dad takes the initiative and posts photos of his children, not only showing them off, but making it obvious to the world how proud they are of their children, as well as the mom.

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What do you think of Simpson and Ross’s sweet comments about their daughter on Instagram?

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