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If moms talked to each other like they talk to their kids (VIDEO)

Have you ever been somewhere without your children — perhaps in the dentist’s waiting room or during a few glorious minutes in Target all by yourself — when you overhear a mother talking to her kids? Perhaps you cringe; perhaps you hear echoes of your own voice. It’s pretty funny when you step back and listen, and it’s even funnier in this brilliant video that will make you rethink how you speak to your kids.

From The BreakWomb comes this hilarious look at what it would look and sound like if moms talked to one another the way they talk to their kids. From not getting more wine until you finish what you’ve been given to being scolded for interrupting someone when she’s speaking, they touch on some phrases with which most moms are more than a little familiar.

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Spot. On.

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As funny as it is, it really does make you stop and think about how we speak to our children, how maybe we can take the condescension down just a notch at times. We can’t always treat them like adults — because they’re not adults — but perhaps even though we’ve told them not to do something 852 times, we can attempt to muster up just a little more patience when they do it for the 853rd time.

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