GoGo squeeZ pouch recall: 5 Things moms need to know

Oct 15, 2015 at 12:17 p.m. ET

Do you have any GoGo squeeZ food pouches on hand? If you do, you'll definitely need to check out the dates listed on the packages before giving them to your kids — some have been recalled due to the possible presence of mold.

Got some of that portable fruit in your kid's lunchbox? Here's what parents need to know about the recall:

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1. Testing of a recent production run of GoGo squeeZ pouches revealed that some of the product has developed a common mold.

2. An expert microbiologist determined that the mold in question poses no health risk to humans. GoGo squeeZ, however, is recalling those specific products because mold is gross and tastes bad.

3. They were able to catch most of the affected products before they left their facility, but some may be on store shelves.

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4. Only those products (which can be any flavor or variety) with "Best Before Dates" between 6/30/16 and 7/26/16 that were produced in the U.S. are affected.

5. If you find you have some in your home, do not eat them or give them to your children. Instead, call the company at 1-844-275-5841, fill out an online form to request a replacement product voucher, or visit the company's website for further instructions.

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