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8 Seriously creepy kids’ Halloween costumes

Jenny Lord

Halloween costumes for children and babies seem to have stepped up a gear recently. We are seeing some seriously scary kids out there! Some of them would be quite at home in a horror film. Of course, scary kids need scary adult costumes to walk them around the neighborhood.

1. The shadow children

Get your own morph suit for the kids here.

2. Zombie bridesmaid

Interested in dressing up your child as a zombie bridesmaid? Check out the scarily good makeup!

Zombie Bridesmaid
Image: greyloch/Flickr

3. Bugs

I hope these bugs aren’t real because she looks way too comfortable with them. I’m itching already.

Image: woodleywonderworks/Flickr

4. Weeping angels

Have you ever watched the Doctor Who episode “Weeping Angels?” I have, and I haven’t looked at a statue the same way again. Now, there’s a costume for your little ones!

5. Zombie Princess

Fancy creating your own little zombie princess?

Zombie Princess
Image: Ebay

6. Chucky

If you dress your cute little boy as Chucky from Child’s Play, you might never look at him in the same way again!

7. Zombie School Girl

Send them to school like this, and see if anyone notices anything a little off. Zombie school girls with missing limbs are a teacher’s worst nightmare!

Zombie School Girls
Image: greyloch/Flickr

8. Forgetting your head

This costume is genius. Talk about forgetting your head if it wasn’t attached.

Missing head
Image: Hypnotica Studios Infinite/Flickr

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