Brooklyn Decker finally spills baby name & it’s short & sweet

If you have started to cringe every time a celebrity announces their new baby’s name for the “wow factor,” Brooklyn Decker’s sweet name choice for her new son might change your mind.

Speaking of sweet, Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick took their sweet time announcing the name of their 2-week-old son. Roddick, 32, and Decker, 28, confirmed Decker’s pregnancy back in May. Married since April 2009, the first-time parents welcomed their baby boy on Sept. 30, 2015. The model-turned-actress has documented her pregnancy and transition into new motherhood on Instagram for her 311,000 followers. Decker and Roddick finally spilled the beans to People magazine that they named their baby boy Hank, a popular nickname for Henry.

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We’ve seen the classic baby name Henry making a comeback in recent years. In 2011, Henry was called “Hollywood’s Hottest Baby Name” because of the large number of celebrity parents who had chosen the moniker for their children — like Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Brandon Flowers, the frontman for The Killers.

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But Decker did us one better. She chose an undeniably popular baby name, ranked at number 33 in 2014, and then took a hard right by adopting Henry’s more uncommon nickname for her new baby boy. In 2014, Hank ranked far below Henry in popularity, at number 602 for baby names in the U.S.

Decker and Roddick haven’t revealed the inspiration for their baby’s name yet. Whether they named their son after Hank Aaron for sports-loving Roddick or just liked the way the name sounded, it’s hard to ignore the couple’s Texas roots. (We’re not ruling out the possibility that Hank Hill could have been an influence.) Decker and Roddick currently call Austin, Texas, their home, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting the Lone Star State, then you’ll know that a twangy name like Hank for a baby makes perfect sense.

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Besides the possible Southern inspiration for young Hank’s name, there’s something interesting about Decker and Roddick’s baby name choice. Most parents err in the opposite direction, going to great lengths to make sure that their baby’s name is “nickname-proof.” Decker and Roddick choosing a nickname as their son’s name (or choosing to announce his nickname as his given name) puts a new spin on the traditional approach to baby naming. Given the influence of celebrity baby naming styles, Decker and Roddick may be starting a new nicknames-as-baby-names trend.

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According to a recent BabyCenter survey, 35 percent of parents said that choosing a baby’s name was one of the most fun parts of being pregnant, and with their quirky name choice, Decker and Roddick have proven this much is true. Now that baby Hank has been named and settled into his adorable Austin nursery, the real fun begins. We’re sending good vibes to these new parents during those first few months of sleepless nights.